Out on her walk, Mum has discovered the name and the street of the owner of White Puss. The Hamlins on Saxon Street. White Puss has been here since Allie let us live in her house for a couple of weeks. The ex owners of White Puss used to live in this very house before Allie. And he won’t go away. Now, Allie’s black puss gives him what-for if he ventures over the threshold. We feed him outside. He sleeps under the house. He’s friendly as hell.. answers every question with twenty answers before you ask. Mum says he’s too friendly, even knowing that he used to live here. I tell her “let Allie make the decision.”  He’s sitting outside the glass door right now. This is his place. Everyone else is wrong or deluded. He’s not owned by his ex owners. He’s not fazed by the new tenants. He’s patient. He’ll sleep under the house. It’s his. He doesn’t care whose he is. It’s his place.

I like him.

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