Life is magical and sad at the same time.

My dad, as I remember him, was a pretty fierce guy. He calmed down quite a lot when he retired, so I’m told. And then he calmed down completely.

I, also, am dead

I mean, look to the heavens

(there is a halo around the moon)

I belong to the land of the dead

this is what it looks like..

people write down their thoughts

people have jobs, weeding dead gardens

bringing up dead children

and looking to the moon.

What then but to contact the world of the living!

But how to do?

I have lost my bible, but do remember lost things..

“and unto the angel of Sardis write: The words of he who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know thy works; thou hast the name of being alive, and thou art dead..”

One knows.

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