Grace and I got invited to the basketball. Actually, Grace got invited and then invited me. Corporate box (it’s not a box but a table courtside), free beer and food. Grace works for The Warehouse and the box was inhabited by a real estate company whose name I now forget. Rod was the real estate guy. I forget his wife’s name. Also, there was a workmate of Grace’s. Somehow I got it into my head to wear some of Mum’s perfume and had to go to the toilet before the game so as to stop myself throwing up, and wash it off. Probably, Rod’s wife thought I was a poof.

I don’t think I’m going to like real estate agents. They’re hard to know. Hell. Maybe I’m the weirdo. Personally, I like to think I’m super-normal.

After the game, Grace found this drunk guy lying in the gutter. So we dropped him off on the way home. The taxi even had to stop so he could throw up out the door. We found that the best part of the night.

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