I have only just clicked that Sam is the archetypal ‘greenie.’ A real greenie! Greenies, then, so far, have beards if they are a man. And hair growing out their ears. They don’t like God but ask “what would Jesus do?” if faced with an everyday problem. They’ve worked alone on an island looking after thousands of prehistoric reptiles. They’ve even run one over on a quad bike (but no one admits to that). They’ve looked after the weather as well. And counted frogs in the middle of the night. They’ve opened the door on a whole room full of penguins squatting in the lighthouse. They don’t like marijuana. They’re conservative and far left at the same time. They are feminists if they’re men and feminists if they’re women. Their kids sleep with the light on. They have a phobia of spiders. They don’t eat sugar. They can’t see why we shouldn’t be able to print money.

But back to the Dan Brown novel..

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