Mum, being the intrepid kind of Mum she is (my Mum has all the qualities of an exceptional human being; if she aint canonised already, she soon will be) has found out that there are three of her great aunty’s paintings in the City Art Gallery vaults. As luck would have it, Sam is a would-be art collector in his spare time and so I invite our little gardening team to the gallery vault for lunch to see the three Janet Coster paintings they have there. Not only that but I forgot my wallet, so Sam takes me home to get my wallet and I show him our own Janet Costers, hung as they are all round the house. Mummy Puss, using a logic peculiar to herself, decides to take a particular interest in Sam while he is looking at a water-colour, a street scene in Tunisia.

Sam appears noticeably uncomfortable. Sam doesn’t “do” cats. They kill native birds.

I myself don’t do TV.

Needless to say, the team loves the vault. It’s right on Kings Park where they’ve been gardening year after year. They hadn’t tried the vault up until now. I wouldn’t have tried it either if it hadn’t have been for Mum.

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