Chapter 4

I do not like it when I’m not writing. Even so, that is exactly what I’ve been doing most of my life. Only, I wasn’t aware I wasn’t liking it.

What I hate most is the idea that I should know what I’m doing.
I guess I could write faster if I could see what was going to happen.
On the other hand, I do know why I write. For revenge.
Of course, it’s not poetry, but who needs poetry when you’ve got this:

Delta baryons are composed of a combination of up and down quarks
Lambda baryons are composed of one up, one down, and one strange quark
Sigma baryons are also composed of one strange quark and a combination of up and down quarks
Xi baryons are composed of two strange quarks and either an up or down quark
The omega minus baryon is composed of three strange quarks

One way or another we are all mad.
Mum is mad about gardening.
Scientists are dumb but can write poetry.
Sam gets mad whenever he sees Toothbrush walk through the park.
Toothbrush himself is mad, or at least seriously thick.
The plants Toothbrush vandalises are mad for not being able to get mad.
Mr and Mrs Brush probably share some of the blame.

Maybe you’re in love.
Maybe you’re not in love.
One thing’s for sure.
Madness is everything.

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