How I would explain the disappearance of 96% of the universe is like this: It is not the 96% but us who have disappeared.

One can easily doubt that scientists are really stupid. Look at all the miracles they achieve. Science is, after all, one cornerstone of our civilisation, the other two being business and business. And we are naturally inclined to believe in our own civilisation, even though this too is a stupidity. The miracles scientists achieve are at the prompting of these other two cornerstones. They are outnumbered.

Cavemen were smarter than scientists. Cave-people believed in heat because it made them warm, a feeling for which they had an eerie fondness. Fire, it was felt, was in the first instance fun to watch. Better than TV. When cooking, it was essential. And then the temperature of the blood? The heat of the sun? Or that within the earth – the plant’s sap sure as the season itself to follow the warmth right out of the ground, and in the autumn to return within?

Put in another tense (future historic), temperature to the caveman will everywhere have been at the yes or no of life. In caveperson lingo, warmth was life itself.

Who knows what scientists believe now. But relatively recently they believed heat to be simply an excited state of matter, having no reality of its own. Scientists preferred then to believe in a matter (e.g. dark matter) which cannot be perceived, but not in heat, which can.

So cold. So beautiful.

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