Our band is called “Mad Bob.” Frey came up with that name, which I now realise is quite relevant under the circumstances. We know nine songs so far, some of them not so well as others. We rate each song according to the five star system, one star meaning that we know we’re meant to be learning that song, two we remember the structure of the song, three we have words and singing and solos, four we have dynamics and delivery, and five we’re fucking brilliant. At present, four of the nine songs have one star only, four have two, and one, God forbid, has three. We do one cover, Brand New Cadillac by The Clash. Drums, vocals, two guitars and bass. Some songs we swap instruments.

We started out playing all surf music, but recently other styles have begun creeping in. Is that wrong?

Leon and Oliver are Grace’s kids, and Frey’s a friend of Leon’s from school. Leon is seventeen, Frey sixteen, and Oliver is fifteen. Because I started the band, and because I’m a lot older, I am the boss. We practise at the cafeteria at work, or at home if it’s acoustic. Our first gig was at Haidi’s fancy dress party about three weeks ago. We played seven songs, and one twice, which was a mistake.

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