Like wonk (and turtles once upon a time), dumbness is everywhere. It’s in everything we humans do, hovering within the atoms of our minds, pervading human notions like a cosmic fart plasma. If I seem to pick on scientists, I apologise. For instance, architects also over-achieve on the dumbness front. In fact, one thing to be learnt, even from a superficial study of modern architecture, is that we are becoming dumber by the minute. Dumbness is rotting our mind atoms exponentially, so to speak.

What makes us humans so dumb? Education? Food additives? Contraceptives? The invention of the telephone?
Have all the brainy people been assassinated, or else been locked away in institutions for the clinically interesting?

Even to argue that we are not dumb is transparently dumb.

We have sacrificed sense for cleverness. It is certainly clever to send somebody to the moon, but it is also outrageously stupid. It is clever to wipe out whole cities with a single missile. It is clever to make as comfortable an exercise as is possible the business of hunting, gathering, cooking, making clothes, washing, finding caves to live in, entertaining ourselves, having babies etc. Only, don’t expect that we’ll use one minute of our spare time in any way that would add some tiny, ant-like contribution to anything.

But of course. I apologise again. I am insulting ants.

It is also possible to ask why we are currently so addicted to cleverness, although happily, the answer is the same. We are dumb. Cleverness excites us because we like looking in the mirror. We can’t help it. 

But I am a man after my time. Students of the present tense don’t give a damn. Neither their teachers. And Frey will get to be in his own band, create brilliant recordings, and be famous. Of this I am certain.

At least he has a plot.

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