Greenhithe Bridge

standing on the greenhithe bridge
a man & rod to catch a fish
his wife is with a guy named john
who’d like her to fill out his form
& as they walk through every room
& though a kiss is sometimes a yawn
the plot is as old as the hills
he hooks his fingers in the gills

don’t look now, two thunder clouds
talking to themselves in tongues of light
hear what they say, the whole world is
flat as a pancake, featureless
we are the mummies who walk today
& personally i want to say
i hate the sun because it shines
on everyone & by the way

mercury & sodium
if i could get my hands on some
the way is now, the time is low
hi ho it’s off to work we go

mirror mirror on the wall
please tell me who you’re working for
it’s only that i want to be with you
somehow i’ve changed, it’s the full moon
it’s closer than we ever thought
it likes to spill across the floor
& don’t you look at me like that
or i’ll take you off the wall

mrs witch & mr broom
old spermicide & mr groom
mr fix themselves, how are your kids?
i think i’ll try some annelids

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