I Fell Into The Sea

she looks out to sea
chains clinking in the breeze
then walks along the waterfront
moonlight through the trees
i’m on the jetty saying
“lord, help me please”
ding a ling
the first time i saw her hips
i fell into the sea

take a look at this town
i don’t see anything
shutters, a broken drain
a second storey doorbell rings
ocean fog just
keeps on rolling in
ding a ling
i stepped straight through the door
& fell into the sea

mermaid vagabond
both her arms, both her lips
it’s all or nothing
she don’t believe in ships
i’ve been walking
seems like eternity
ding a ling
six days, on the seventh
i fell into the sea

how can i describe
her look so near to me?
her eyelids, bottom lip
slip away like gasoline
rainbows i’ve seen across
puddles in the street
ding a ling
no one saw my face again
i fell into the sea

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