King Country Cat

king country cities don’t have no people
just a couple of houses stuck by the river
telephone poles down the main trunk line
king country motto is one hole at a time
there’s frost on the windows & moss on the branches
& mud in the river & a pub if you’re lucky
they serve you beer but it sure looks muddy
step outside, you can’t see cos it’s so foggy
they say it won’t lift until half past three
that’s why there are no cities in the king country

king country cat by the railroad track
with nothing in his pocket but what’s in his sack?
with two hazel eyes & a woolly coat for winter
fencing pliers just to pull out a splinter
he knows the way up to the top of the fog
where it looks just like the sea to the shepherd & his dog
who’s fixing up his brand new four wheel drive submarine
just in case he needs to go down buy tobacco & tea
well i bet you can’t imagine how he looks without his hat
but nothing’s too easy for a king country cat

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