You Were Saying

i was thinking you were saying what?
i guess my mind just kind of
wandered off the plot it’s funny
how your lips have now detached
the waitress blinking, perfect soaking wet
whose drink is this cos i forget
the point you’re making
do you suppose i missed a lot?

the flag of your meaning has been snatched
the buttons on your shirt are bugged
but there’s no way of knowing
what they’ll look like when they’ve hatched
i’m counting all the words that rhyme with
garbage, kgb & mister clean
that’s if you catch me
when my concentration’s hot

all this anywaying
anyway, you were saying…

no one knows if you’re sincere
no one knows what you’re doing here
to buy a laugh for the price of a tear
no one knows if that’s cheap or…

maybe every single little
gesture of your finger is being
followed somewhere else by someone
who follows little fingers when they’re
not being properly listened to
by whoever is supposed to be
paying attention
or then again maybe not

all this talking, thoughts are straying
go right on, you were saying

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