Hands On Me

let me tell you a story
you don’t really want to know
these prison walls are cold & grey
it’s to the hangman i must go
i curse this day & i curse this age
i curse this very century
darkness creeping everywhere
now it’s got its hands on me

i met a man, i loved his wife
i killed that man, i took a life
well i was quick, i left that town
the lawman came & tracked me down
i rode that mare through sleet & mud
now i’ll pay with my blood
i was once young & free
now the law’s got its hands on me

i guess there must be a moon outside
shining down on good folk’s fears
i don’t need it anymore
i say goodbye to bad ideas
somewhere outside this prison cell
i hear a strange melody
i never heard before
now it’s got its hands on me

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