i’m fixing this window for a second time
no recipe, no rolling pin
charging out a dollar an hour
wiping clean the scene of the crime

there are no strings, no place to stay
scratching round like some piece of good news
all my prayers wearing thin
it’s a homeless, stringless kind of day

y’know democracy is upside down
inside out & wrong way round
that billboard i voted in
is now running people like me out of town

so we go to sleep at the astrodome
drape ourselves in a cardboard blanket
if by some mistake we make it through
i’m changing my name to jerome

calm & angry all at once
my friend the prez finally shows up
gonna hug him bad & kiss his ears
if he pulls another one of these stunts

& he’s not at work cos he got the flu
he’s getting old, turning grey
you’re ill & old & late i suppose
don’t complain, eat your food

now the prez has gone to catch some fish
somewhere out west from what he says
it’s a private thing between him & creation
& i’m not the one to get too curious

i done all the puzzles on the page
except the one called ‘turn me over’
just me, the window & no one looking
can’t be so hard for a man of my age

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