Vivi’s Song

the soul of a cat, the song of a bird
the strangest tune ever heard
taps its feet all the same
we live in heaven, heaven lives in us
in the stars & the dust
torn apart till we meet again

there’s a little girl standing on a stool
cherub arms stirring up some food
her crazy sayings, you’d want to write ‘em down
maybe i will when i get old
now i suppose that song’d be impossible to write
like digging up a rainbow for a pot of gold

the soul of a cat is the song of a bird
the truth is too absurd
but it’s still true
i made some mistakes, maybe too many
this morning i’m not making any
the sea is full, the sky is blue

i must be the luckiest man alive
sister, full is the sea, blue is the sky
i was lucky the day you were born, i’m lucky now
now there are no more songs to write
and the punk rock version’s just about good to roll
only need one more line

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