It could be said that somewhere along the line I took a wrong turn.

At thirteen, I’d come to the conclusion that civilisation (at least the one I was living in) was for the birds. A hoax. A sinking ship. A cardboard cutout representing nothing.

And from there I started out on the onerous path of cutting myself to ribbons.

It could be said I should have learned to like telephones.

I should have punched out JJ on the spot.

Quite probably a few other people as well.

Why couldn’t I have got angry even once?

Or not been afraid of floors?

I could have pleaded guilty and punched out Joe Keynes.

What would he have done?

Excommunicate me?

Put me in a coma?

I should have decided on archaeology.

Or astrophysics.

Or both.

Some decent profession at the beginning of the book.

I should have taken another flight.

To another country.

I should have invented a cure for diabetes.

I should have stuck up for myself.

And what if all the time I had been awake?

Would I have heard what people were trying to tell me?

A wife calling from the barbecue wanting knives and forks?

A moon not yet out and the surf roaring in like an alien spacecraft?

Kids wanting bedtime stories?

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