You’re Tricking Me Again

some things are easy
some things are hard
listen to the voices
in your head or not

sink plug is missing
ran off & got lost
no person can find it
& you’re just showing off

when i’m tired & done looking
sink plug’ll be where it always was

hmm hmm hmm hmm

waves keep on crashing
different but the same
morepork keeps on calling
his own name

tonight i will dream of you
you’ll say you’ll never go away
but every time i wake up
you’re tricking me again

i can fair see your eyes twinkling
i know the cat & mouse game you’re playing

hmm hmm hmm hmm

i miss your eyes blue & grey
i’m not missing enough, is that what you’re saying?

but these sandals is frozen
to the kind of ground we got down here
keeping me from thinking
of a paradise where

they tell me you’re singing
some choir they got up there
& shifting all my stuff around
in the time you got spare

go on, arrest me for living
show me something that’s legal & fair

hmm hmm hmm hmm

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