Dan Brown’s notion is this: religion is of no use at all except to sell books.

Science is the new religion, and is really quite important.

Every other religion has been twice cuckolded already.

But science, even if a tiny bit interesting, doesn’t sell as well as it might.

On top of this, says Dan, the ultimate goal of every man is to end up in bed with a pretty woman.

Dan calculates that with these brilliant ideas in hand, together with a basic grasp of English, a decent budget for research, and a dogged approach, that women’s goals too, if they haven’t already, will find their way into the dreams of the half-wit masses.

And what are girl’s goals then, according to Dan? Nothing less than the total and philosophically incontestable destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.

For whatever reason.

I am so far behind the times on these issues. But under no circumstance did I ever say that the masses are half-wit. Dan and I were, at that moment, para-thoughting. Personally, I detest the word “masses” used in this way. This application of the word was probably invented by an atheist when alluding to a concept he couldn’t quite get his mind around.


Almost as detestable is the expression “enjoy” when receiving a meal at a restaurant. Is the meal supposed to taste like Coca-Cola? Am I contemplating not  enjoying the meal? Do they realise one can’t be ordered to enjoy?

Obviously not.

One thing though is not possible. The book propounding masculism, written by a woman.

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