Cowgirl Blues

& at that very moment

pasha kissed the elbow
the ‘four rivers’ console 
set off an enormous
outside the world renowned

valentin research facility

“i aint dead yet,” mumbled
as he slowly 
got to his feet
control room was empty

the air a toxic haze so thick
it’s a
 wonder any self respecting
physicist could breathe

he reached for the gasman

with his one good hand & as

consciousness faded he

swallowed the certain fact that

a chain reaction in the

air was
 even then
engulfing the planet at some

speed them robots wouldn’t believe

looking to the north from
broken down verandah

belinda & her kids watched
great dark churning mass of cloud

come rolling across the horizon

thinking all the time they’d soon be dead

& next thing they’re floating

in a six foot wide flying saucer

that was made of some undiscovered

metal & was open to the

air & heading down the gravel

road right past the old milking shed

she noticed right then that the

railings needed painting & the

poplar trees were ever so

delicately waving
her young
 children seemed accustomed to such

smoothness in the field that the

system switched to manual

& the light blinking orange turned to red

kimbell opened his eyes looking

up at the face of some

woman he thought he might’ve known

a long time ago when he was just

a boy on some middle-of-nowhere

farm & she was just a little girl

& at this very moment there’s a

break in the transcript, we can

only surmise what may or

may not have happened 
the entities in question &

because of which a number of rumours have swirled

abbie snatched a bug from the

limb of some shrub & she

put it between her teeth as she

haunched down over kimbell & said

”you still alive mister

husband, looks like you been taken

over by some poisonous plant, or are

you just one less cicada in this world?”

the van dyke crystal had a

mind of its own, abbie never

knew if it just thought of something

clever or all the time it had some

plan in the pipeline so

unlikely that it made sense

the air was properly twinkling as the

gasman gave up thinking &
pasha flapped her wings like a

parrot does when she’s got something to

say but what it is is better

said with some righteous show of clumsiness

the plot being so simple & yet so

self-referential with the

characters beguiling & the

dialogue chic-retro, linda

knew she had a winner as she

saved the final version to a

folder whose title was “old
beginnings & even older ends”

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