Clever Men

on the sill there’s a photograph of aeroplane jim
it’s been quite a while since i seen him
he made a bundle in a pyramid game
then left the country on a jet plane
the last time i saw him he was drunk
he said “now i’m a pilot, being a passenger stunk
& everyone’s supposing they’re paying their dues
but clever men wear squeaky shoes”

now the summer is lost & gone forever
a seagull, a derelict, an abandoned umbrella
in the bandstand the comedian bursts into tears
the park fills with litter as winter nears
a squirrel stops up a branch in a tree
with his tail in the air in his own comedy
acorns galore, there’s no time to lose
cos clever men wear squeaky shoes

the day that jim came back hungry & broke
he said “i could of made it big man, can i steal a smoke”
& he handed me a postcard with a picture of a cow
said: “that bongo religion is history now”
these days he’s a dj & he’s changed his name
wears a purple beret, i guess that’s the price of fame
i’ll tell you for nothing, that jim, he’s the news
and clever men wear squeaky shoes

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