At twenty three I was pretty keen on astrology. That is until I found out about the precession of the equinoxes, the upshot being that the sun is nearly never in the sign of the zodiac where astrologers say it is.

Long ago, in the days when the Roman Catholic Church pretty much called the shots, medieval scholars realised the time had come whereby the observation of facts could be relegated to the work of no one. They themselves would no longer bother with them. The sun could stay put and not be so shifty.

Following this initial break-through, the age of dumbness kicks in proper.

Centuries compete to see which will be the dumbest.

Only, it is certain that each will be dumber than the last.

The year is now what?

Take the last century.

Its greatest inventions have surpassed all for sheer, out and out lack of intelligence.

The centuries before that?


Although I do consider the telephone to be one of the dumbest inventions of all time.

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