The Merkins album “WANGO BANGO (you know you want it)” released 22nd July 2011.

The Merkins are: Terry Merkin (vocals, guitar), Leon Merkin (guitar, vocals), Oliver Merkin (bass), Rick Merkin (drums)


2 albums by Cutting Room Floor – “LIFE’S TOO LONG” & “DELETED”

CUTTING ROOM FLOOR is: Tim Heraud (vocals, guitars, harmonica), Dorland Bray (vocals, guitars, bass, drums), Hielkema (tea chest bass), Rob Hielkema (drums)


The Hoover’s album “LIVE AT THE TEMPLE”

The Hoovers are: Tim Heraud (vocals, guitar), Stuart Shepherd (guitar, harmonica), Dave Wishart (double bass), Harmen Hielkema (drums, vocals)