Terry 'Two Fingers' is dedicated to the memory of KURT REDL.

Thanks to Lee McCassey, Milton Hutchison, Bernadette Kirby, Mike Chapman, Rod Flower, Ross Kerr,  Dave Wishart, Stuart Shepherd, Dorland Bray, Harmen Hielkema, Rob Hielkema,  Ian McLaughlan, Woody Heraud, Max Heraud, Rick Hunaban, Rich Kendrick, Frey Byrd, Britta Hietz, Tim King, Paul Simmons, Heather Bullians, Melissa Cole, Rewi McLay, Joss Colling, Kerry Fraser, Geof Chamberlain & Daniel Théberge.

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A belated thanks to Jerome, Anne, Lydia, Spud, Lab, Buzz & Phil.

Special thanks to Teresa Bainbridge.

Love to Vivi.

Thanks to Dad.

Others I thank but say not their names.

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For Mum