The Merkins

The Merkins album "WANGO BANGO (you know you want it)" released 22nd July 2011.

The Merkins’ WANGO BANGO reviewed by Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times
27 Nov 2011 under “CD OF THE WEEK” (four stars):

Text reads:

Feisty mongrel has rough charm

This band has three main things going for it. One: Like The Ramones, all members have adopted the same surname – “Merkin”, an Olde-English term for a pubic wig. Two: They live in Nelson like me, and can therefore expect a generous review so they don’t thump me in the street. And three: Their press release is not only terrible but deliberately terrible, full of bogus quotes and claims that their sound is a distillation of “cowboy music, 21st century Caspian fishing shanties, proto-surf and civil war children’s verse”.
Singer/guitarist Terry Merkin furtively inserted the CD into my letterbox one night with a note promising “a lifetime supply of pear wine” if I bothered to listen to it, so I did. I was delighted to discover this six-song “mini album” is a ripper, brimming with unpolished garage rock/surf-punk energy – a feisty musical mongrel with the rough charm, suspect parentage and ripe aroma of a stray pooch rescued from the SPCA. Album highlight “Premonition” sounds like Tom Waits with a migraine, with a malevolent Bad Seeds chiming in on the choruses. This, of course, is a very good thing, which is more than can be said for that pear wine.